What is up with all the evergreens this spring?

You may be wondering about all the brown evergreens that you are seeing around town this year. There was a lot of damage to plant material that occurred with the sudden change in temperature in November 2014. We slipped from a balmy 50 degree day, into a below zero night. Our plants were not prepared for this sudden change.

Some plants seem to only have tip and foliage damage. We are hoping that when the growing season begins that the new growth will hide the brown, dead leaves and needles. If this happens to your plants, be sure to fertilize to get as many new leaves as possible to produce food and carry them into the winter of 2015-16.

Some plants are going to be dead to the crown of the plant and have to be cut back to the ground to start over for the season. These plants include many shrub roses and broadleaf evergreens. Again, fertilization and proper watering will help these plants to recover. The last of the group will just never start when spring growth starts. This is truly unfortunate and we hope that you will replant and try again.

If you have questions, please us a call at 970-226-2296 and we can help you determine what’s right for you evergreens. Or you can bring in a sample of the plant to our sister company, Fossil Creek Nursery. The professionals at Fossil Creek Nursery will be able to recommend the best fertilizer for your needs.