It’s the perfect time to plan your landscape project!

March 20th has come and gone which means spring is officially here. With warm temps in the forecast, we are all anxious to spend more time outdoors. Now is the time to plan your landscape project and spruce up the curb appeal around your home.

Here are some helpful tips to get you going:

  • Sun exposure: Choose plants that are appropriate for different parts of your yard. There are certain varieties of plants that thrive in full sun, partial sun, and shaded areas. They also have different water requirements so splitting them in your irrigation system is a good idea. A little planning ahead will ensure your plants are happy!
  • Make a plan: What is the grand plan? Can your landscape project be done in phases? Give Alpine Gardens a call at 226-2296 to help you create the landscape of your dreams. We will strategize a realistic plan that not only adds value to your home, but fits your unique needs and budget.
  • Got pests? Where is your property located? Will wildlife be an issue or insects that will damage your landscape? We know the right kind of plants that thrive in our area. Let the professionals at Alpine Gardens take the guesswork out of plant selection. We will partner with you every step of the way.
  • Size matters! You may be tempted to jam-pack those planting beds with dozens of plants. But how will they look six months down the road or in the years to come? Pay special attention to how large the area you have to plant is and how large the plants will continue to grow.
  • Dream big: Embrace outdoor living. How you can you enhance your outdoor living space? A fire pit, some dramatic lighting, a new patio or deck, or shade structure can add ambiance and change how your family enjoys quality outdoor time. It’s time to get inspired!
  • Ongoing maintenance: Weeding, watering, and spring/fall clean-up are all regular tasks that may be required to keep your landscape looking its best. You may be interested in our Enhancement services designed to take care of all the seasonal care. Or maybe a Xeriscape is better for you. This low water, low maintenance design plan works well in Colorado.

Now is the time to plan your landscape project. Hopefully these tips will inspire you to take action now. Before you know it, summer will be here!