How to Fill those Empty Spaces!

Do you have a pathway or plant bed that is continually overrun with weeds? Sure you have a couple nice focal point plants on display, but the mulch and maintenance get the best of you each year. If any of these scenarios sounds familiar, groundcover or a quick-growing perennial may be your answer.

These types of plants will spread in vacant areas of your yard or planter and fill in the blank spaces beautifully between larger specimens. Certain varieties work well in a walkway because you can step on them without harming them. These varieties are known as “stepables” and are also excellent for areas where children play. They provide an added burst of color and texture to your landscape.

One of our favorite perennials is catmint. Catmint is very hearty, easy-to-grow, and does really well in our dry climate. It thrives in full sun or partial shade and thrives in dry soils which make it a nice drought tolerant pick. Catmint produces small, abundant, lavender-bluish flowers and has leafy stems. It blooms in early spring and continues to re-bloom under ideal growing conditions. Catmint is an absolute favorite of cats. So if you have a feline friend, this attractive perennial will make their day.

If you want to find out if catmint or another groundcover is right for your landscape, get in touch with the professionals at Alpine Gardens today at 970-226-2296.