10 BEST Ways to Customize Your Yard

July 2, 2021

As summer is in full swing people are spending more time outside and in their backyard.  However, it Isn’t too late to start dreaming about ways to improve and garnish your yard. When it comes […]

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Lawn Care

June 24, 2021

Quick Facts… Proper watering can promote a deeply rooted, healthier turf. Let grass species and health, soil conditions, and weather conditions dictate irrigation practices, not the number of days between waterings. Mow bluegrass, ryegrass, fescue […]

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Xeriscaping: Garden Flowers

June 22, 2021

Garden flowers provide showy, colorful displays in a xeriscape garden. Xeriscape (zer-i-skap) is a water-conserving landscape. Annuals and perennials can be integrated with shrub borders and groups of trees, or they may be planted in […]

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Lawn Mower Maintenance

June 16, 2021

Most homeowners have a rotary-type lawn mower that requires periodic maintenance to keep it working efficiently and safely. Use the operating and service instruction manual provided with your mower, and consistently perform the suggested maintenance. […]

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Magnesium Chloride Toxicity in Trees

June 10, 2021

Quick Facts… Magnesium chloride (MgCl2) is a salt compound composed of Mg+2 and Cl– ions. Magnesium chloride (MgCl2) is used as a dust suppressant and road stabilizer on nonpaved roads and as a deicing product on paved […]

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Watering Your New Trees and Shrubs

June 7, 2021

Since Colorado’s Front Range is a semi-arid environment, all newly planted trees and shrubs will need supplemental water. Apply as much water as the size of the pot or root ball each week during the […]

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