10 BEST Ways to Customize Your Yard

As summer is in full swing people are spending more time outside and in their backyard.  However, it Isn’t too late to start dreaming about ways to improve and garnish your yard.

When it comes to customizing your yard there is no storage of ideas or options to spice up your backyard or front yard for some curbside appeal. Rather it is adding flowers, trees, rocks, a deck, or a custom project that every yard can be personalized to best fit the owners’ desires. Here are 10 ways to customize your yard: 

  1. Landscaping with Stones and Boulders

Want to have a path to connect opposite sides of the yard? Nice steps instead of a sharp incline in the yard? Add some garden steps and stone paths to your property to add an eloquent feel to your yard. Need something to accent your landscape? How about some boulders to give an earthier feel!

  1. Annuals and Trees 

An easy way to add color to a yard is to plant some annual flowers and bulbs. They range in vibrant colors from pinks, yellows, purples, and reds. If you enjoy gardening or yard work, annuals can be a fun addition because they have to be planted new each spring. Planting a tree now is great preparation for the future! The landscape designers at Alpine Gardens can work with you and their sister company, Fossil Creek Nursery, to select the right trees for the size and vibe of your space. 

  1. Decks and Pergolas 

A classy way to upgrade a backyard is by adding a deck or pergola. It is a nice and convenient way to add shade to a yard while also creating a comfortable sitting area.

  1. Water Feature and Dry Stream Beds

Want the soothing sound of water in your yard? Add a water feature in the form of a pond, waterfall, or stream. Don’t want water but want the look of it? Add a dry stream bed that has the look and feel of a stream without the water and high maintenance. 

  1. Outdoor Kitchen

If when you hear summer, you imagine barbequing and entertaining in the backyard, an outdoor kitchen could be a great addition to your property. Outdoor kitchens can come with space for grills, refrigerators, pizza ovens, and extra counter space for all your entertaining and cooking needs.

  1. Fire Pits

A great option if you have kids or enjoy entertaining is an outdoor firepit. A firepit provides a great space for people to come together, enjoy a warm fire and make some smores! 

  1. Walls

Adding a stone wall to your yard can be a simple and fashionable way to organize that space. Walls allow for distinction between areas with different landscaping styles and they can improve the look of a yard with a sharp incline. 

  1. Lighting 

Installing lights in your yard can be a meek way to highlight varying areas of your yard at night. Lights can be placed on patios, decks, and along pathways, but they can also be placed under trees to highlight the incredible landscape your property has.  

  1. Xeriscape

Xeriscape is a landscape style that requires little to no irrigation or high maintenance and usually is found in arid regions. This is a nice way to design a yard when you prefer less maintenance but still want your property to be attractive and eye-catching. 

  1. Special Projects

If you want a landscaping design that can be adapted to your yard and personal desire, then pursuing a special project is a great option. This can involve custom metalwork, planting, fences, garden beds, outdoor kitchens, stonework, water features, etc. 

All of these yard design options are available and customizable through Alpine Gardens. Check out the gallery at alpinegardens.com to see completed projects or give us a call today to start designing. 970.226.2296.