Pruning Flowering Shrubs

What should you be pruning?

Spring flowering shrubs like Forsythia, Lilacs, and early flowering Spireas set their flower buds during the summer for blooms in the next year. Prune these shrubs now to generate new growth which in turn creates new flower buds.

On old shrubs try to remove up to 1/3 of the oldest wood, this will cause new growth while preserving the overall height of the plant. Shrubs that bloom in the summer like Roses, Potentilla, and summer flowering Spireas bloom on new wood. Prune these plants early in the spring, but deadhead them and most will repeat bloom. Check your sprinkler times, since the weather will start to turn into hot summer temperatures and you need to adjust your sprinkler accordingly.

Lawns will need additional watering, especially those areas on the south, west sides, or on a slope. Watering lawns on a slope can be a challenge. Try setting additional start times, but running the sprinklers for less time. For example; set pop-up sprays (on slopes) to run for 7-10 minutes, but run it in the morning and in the early evening. This will allow the water to soak in and not runoff.