Landscaping for Businesses on a Budget

Whether you’re opening a brand-new location or just wanting to revamp the appearance of your business, who doesn’t want to save a little money along the way? Landscaping can be a large investment, and we get it! Here’s our best tips on how to be budget friendly while sprucing up your landscape.

Professional Advice

It’s always best to seek professional advice when embarking on a new project. At Alpine Gardens, our designers have an extensive background with what plants will work best in our arid northern Colorado climate.  Asking a professional can save you hours of research on which plants or turf species will perform best or potentially save water. Pros can often work more effectively and save you from accidentally making an expensive mistake on your property.  They also might help to guide you with phasing the project into logical, smaller projects that work with your budget.

Cost of Materials

Hardscape materials are not one-size-fits-all and are typically what drive the cost of landscaping up quickly. Although they look pretty, pathways with expensive custom cut stone or pavers can increase costs. It is important to have an inviting front entry and safe, accessible walkways around your site; however, choose materials like crushed stone or mulches wherever possible to reduce costs.

Turf Considerations

If you are wanting a landscape full of lush green grass, take into consideration the cost of not only the installation expense, but the long-term cost of maintenance and water.  The typical Colorado lawn needs a lot of supplemental irrigation and fertilizer to stay healthy and green, as well as weekly mowings throughout the growing season.  Consider transitioning some areas to a blend of low water turf and native plantings that when designed properly, can look beautiful throughout the year and save a little on the water bill.

Efficient Irrigation System

Having a properly designed and installed irrigation system could be the biggest but most valuable investment in your property.  An efficient irrigation system can help to save time and money, while helping to give your plants and turf the best opportunity to thrive in the landscape.  Irrigation controllers are getting smarter, more affordable, and easier to operate.  The larger the site, the more important water management can be.  Over the years, efficient irrigation is the best way to save money on long term maintenance costs.

As always, ask us if you have any questions! Each landscape is unique and requires a thoughtful approach. We love providing solutions that work for you and your landscape goals.  We pride ourselves on offering ideas that help your landscape look its best. Call us at 970-226-2296.