Landscaping for Privacy

While some people like to leave their backyards wide open, inviting neighbors to chat or kids to play, others prefer a little piece of seclusion. For those who like their privacy, a backyard becomes a peaceful nook to read a book, sip on coffee in the morning, or watch the birds flitting around.  This experience can be enhanced with some strategic landscaping!

Plan for Size: Many plants grow quite large over the years. Make sure that you use the appropriate plants so that your living area isn’t taken over. Research the plants you decide to use or talk to a professional designer at Alpine Gardens about what will work best for your space.

Large Plants: If you have room, go big! Investing in larger and fewer plants will give you privacy much quicker than many small plants will. It can take them years to fully develop and create a dense enough screen to offer some solitude. Of course, this will depend on what you are trying to shield from view and the area that you have available to plant in.

Use Layers: Vary the size of your plants across your landscape and have a border all year long! This technique of layered plants can create depth and a beautiful, natural affect. Using a combination of evergreen and deciduous trees and/or shrubs will add more texture and dimension. Mix in a few grasses as well for interest.

Borders: Of course, fences are often used to create more privacy. You can also build walls and hedges to create a border around your property line. If fences aren’t your thing, opt to cover them with vines, which will give them a much more natural look.

Outdoor Structures: Pergolas, gazebos, outdoor kitchens … there are a number of structures that can be built to provide a little shelter. Alpine Gardens has years of experience with outdoor rooms, and we’d love to design you one.

There are truly endless possibilities to add a little privacy to your landscape. Give us a call and we’d love to brainstorm some design ideas with you! A peaceful, secluded backyard is just a few plants away.