Commercial Landscaping: How We Can Help!

There’s a lot that goes into creating the perfect landscape to welcome customers to your business. You probably haven’t thought a lot about each aspect of your landscape and what it will take to maintain it, and you shouldn’t have to! That’s our business. Here’s what we can help you with:

One Stop Shop: At Alpine Gardens, we can save you time and money by doing it all. We can produce the landscape plans, attend municipal planning and zoning meetings if needed, provide detailed budgeting, and manage complete construction of your project. After the project has been completed, we can provide routine maintenance to make sure your investment fulfills its potential and grows into the beautiful landscape we all envisioned.

Re-Mulching: Mulch is used around trees and shrubs to improve the health of soil, prevent weeds and conserve moisture. Mulch also helps to protect the trees and shrubs from damage that can be caused from mowing or trimming too closely. Additionally, fresh mulch greatly increases curb appeal! Depending on your property’s exposure to wind, among other factors, you might need to re-mulch each year. Our experts at Alpine Gardens can help evaluate your needs and determine the best approach for your site.

Lawn: A professional landscaper can help keep your turf looking its best. Efficient watering paired with crisp, clean mowing techniques often leads to a beautiful lawn. But sometimes more expertise is required on difficult sites. Ensuring proper drainage through lawn can also play an important role in the overall health and appearance of the property. Our experts at Alpine Gardens can help evaluate the site’s drainage patterns and offer suggestions, if needed, to improve the flow of water. Additionally, aeration and fertilizer programs offered by Alpine Gardens are a great way to help feed the turf through the season.

Plant Selection: If you’re looking to have a more energy efficient business inside and out (and who isn’t?), selecting appropriate plantings for your landscape can help tremendously. Alpine Gardens can choose plants that are hardier and better equipped to handle Colorado’s harsh climate. They can also help to choose plants that fit with available water and/or maintenance level required for the site.

Trees: It’s important to maintain trees in all landscapes, but especially at a place of business. Businesses are responsible for the safety of their customers. Low hanging branches or fallen debris from trees can create a potential hazard and therefore need to be addressed on a routine basis. Alpine Gardens can keep your landscape looking beautiful by picking up debris and trimming minor branches as well as evaluate trees that might require more major attention in the future.

Wintertime: Just because snow is falling does not mean that landscape maintenance ends. We will take care of your snow removal, put ice melt on sidewalks, and apply sand during those cold winter months (or freak April snowstorms). We also offer spring and fall cleanups to get your landscape prepared for the changing seasons and temperatures.

Did someone else design and create your landscape? That’s okay! We are now accepting new commercial landscape maintenance clients. If you’re just starting out and looking to have a commercial landscape designed, we can assist with that, too. Give us a call today at 970-226-2296 and let us know how we can help you keep your landscape in tip-top shape! We service businesses in Fort Collins, Greeley, Loveland, Estes Park, and surrounding areas.