Do I really need to water in winter?

Most trees and lawns are dormant come winter But what you may not realize is that our dry climate means your landscape shouldn’t be completely neglected. Trees and lawns do require watering in winter.

In Colorado most areas average 12-15 inches of snow throughout the winter season in the lower elevations. That is really only one inch of water. That alone is not enough to keep plants newly transplanted plants and evergreens that are exposed to wind healthy, especially during drought conditions.

Here are some helpful winter watering tips:

  • Check the soil to about three inches in depth. If it feels dry, then water is needed. We have had a dry fall as well, so roots may be dried out.
  • If temperatures are above freezing, it is safe to water.
  • Mulch is helpful to trees and plants. It retains moisture and insulates the soil.
  • Wood mulch is better than rock.
  • Don’t put more than four inches of mulch around plants and don’t mulch next to tree trunks or shrub because it can damage the plant.
  • Water lawns to help protect against the harmful winter sun. A nice soak goes a long way in keeping your lawn healthy come spring.  Especially on southern exposures and warm hillsides.