Bring Light to Your Landscape

All along the Front Range, we have had a sneak peak of Spring. It’s been a refreshing break to the seasonal darkness. Unfortunately, there are still many more winter days ahead.

Outdoor lighting can liven up your winter landscape. Lighting can enhance your property’s curb appeal while adding an important safety element to your home. LED technology is a low-voltage lighting solution that will not only brighten up your winter days, it is energy efficient. Here in Colorado, abundant sunshine is the norm in daytime hours. So you may want to consider solar lighting features for your property.

Here are some other benefits to adding outdoor lighting elements:

  • Most people enjoy their landscapes after work and lighting enables that.
  • Adding a light to your address number makes it easier for visitors to locate your home.
  • Installing lighting along sidewalk or driveways improves accessibility and safety.
  • Lighting placed in strategic areas around your home improves security. Local law enforcement services state that a well-lit home can deter criminal activity.
  • Lighting adds curb appeal which increases your property value.
  • Lighting adds interest to planting beds.

Most lighting features can be added to your landscape, no matter what time of year it is. Let the professionals at Alpine Gardens help you discover how outdoor lighting can beautify your home and landscape. Call us at 970-226-2296 to schedule a consultation.