Winter Wake-up Call

Were you taken by surprise by the recent burst of winter felt all along the Front Range? So were your trees. For some, this frigid spell was a rude awakening that their landscape still needs more work before winter really sets in. At a minimum, don’t forget to winterize your irrigation system and mulch around perennials.

Your trees may need a bit more attention. Fortunately, most of the leaves had dropped before the snow came. So hopefully you didn’t have any cracked or broken branches. As the snow melts, get outside and take a closer look. Trees that are five years or older may need some pruning. This especially holds true if you have any soft-wood trees, like Cottonwood or Pear trees. Soft-wood trees need to be thinned out seasonally. If there are any branches that show cracking, pruning sooner than later will prevent branches from falling and damaging your property. If you notice any branches that are crossing or growing into each other, they should be trimmed as well. Since high wind is a common occurrence in our climate, crossing or rubbing branches are where a weak point sets in.

Here at Alpine Gardens, we can help you put your landscape to bed. Pruning, sprinkler blow-outs, fall cleanup, and winter landscape preparation are our forte’. Give us a call today at 970-226-2296.