August 17, 2021

The best control strategy for weeds is always prevention. Before resorting to herbicides, look first to nonchemical weed control methods. Why? Herbicides may be a quick fix this year but will not keep your weed problem […]

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Sunscald of Trees

August 10, 2021

Sunscald is often called southwest injury because it most often occurs on the southwest side of young tree trunks. When does sunscald occur? In Colorado, sunscald primarily occurs from December through March on young, thin-barked, […]

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Why So Many Weeds?

July 21, 2021

Weeds can be a troublesome nuisance in gardens and landscapes. Many gardeners are surprised how many weeds can pop up from year to year. How do they get into our landscapes? Weed seeds can blow […]

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Are You a Weekend Warrior?

July 15, 2021

Summer is here! Let’s face it. We have all been waiting for these long, sun-kissed summer days. If you’re like most, yard work isn’t at the top of your list. So if you’re thinking you […]

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Pruning Flowering Shrubs

July 9, 2021

What should you be pruning? Spring flowering shrubs like Forsythia, Lilacs, and early flowering Spireas set their flower buds during the summer for blooms in the next year. Prune these shrubs now to generate new […]

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10 BEST Ways to Customize Your Yard

July 2, 2021

As summer is in full swing people are spending more time outside and in their backyard.  However, it Isn’t too late to start dreaming about ways to improve and garnish your yard. When it comes […]

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