Prepare Your Trees for the Freeze!

Wrapping your newly planted trees will help protect their bark through the harsh, winter season!

With the Fall season among us and Winter not far behind, it is time to think about wrapping your trees. Tree wrapping is important for newly planted or thin-barked trees to protect the bark from sunscald and animals. By using plastic tubing or brown paper, you want to begin wrapping the tree trunk from the bottom up. This is so the overlaps will face downward to stop moisture from getting in easier. Wrap the tree as far up as the lowest branches and secure it with tape, wire, or twine. Make sure it is tied loosely and you will want to remove the wrapping by Spring. 

Sunscald occurs when the bark of the tree warms up during the day and freezes at night, causing cracks and the bark to split. You will want to wrap newly planted trees for at least two winters and thin-barked species up to five winters or more.