Top 5 Tips for Your September Landscape

  1. Pines:  You may be noticing that the needles on the inside of your Austrian, Ponderosa or Scotch pine are starting to turn yellow.  This is normal for the inside of the tree to yellow up at this time of the year.  These needles are the oldest needles.  Pine needles on these varieties generally last about four years.
  2. Lawn seeding: If you are thinking of starting a new lawn from seed or patching into an existing lawn, now is the magic time.  Seed planted over the next three weeks should have time to get established before the soil gets too cool to keep the lawn growing.
  3. Bulbs: Fall bulbs, the pretty flowers like tulips, daffodils, crocus, and hyacinth that you enjoy in the spring need to be planted soon.  Our shipment of bulbs from Holland will be in shortly, and we have a great selection. 
  4. Shrubs and trees: now is a good time to start planting trees and shrubs. We have a large selection of container trees and larger balled and burlap trees.  Don’t forget to be giving those new plants extra water in addition to what the established plants are receiving.
  5. Weeds: The next several weeks would be a good time to spray any dandelions that might have started in your turf.  The dandelions sprout in summer and bloom the next spring.  You will have fewer blooms next summer if you spray now.

We don’t just want to be your landscaping choice, we want to be a continued resource to you for years and years to come!

Did you know that we also do Christmas light installations? We do! Be sure to get ahead of the rush and schedule your install!