Benefits of Hiring a Professional Landscape Company

With all the home improvement shows we see on television, more and more people are trying to DIY their way through life. But your landscaping shouldn’t be a weekend do-it-yourself project. Hiring a professional to build a hardy landscape can help increase your home’s value, save time and money, and more! Below you will find a list of seven benefits of hiring a professional landscaping company.

Increase your home’s value

Keeping a well-maintained landscape is a major selling point for homes. If you’re planning on selling in the next few years, things as simple as maintaining the trees, replacing some rock or mulch, and getting the yard green and glowing can make a huge difference in the price buyers are willing to pay. A pro will know just which areas to improve upon to get you the biggest return on your investment.

Save money

A professional has loads of knowledge about the industry and can help you to estimate an appropriate budget. This way you won’t be caught off guard when your lawn isn’t quite done but you’ve already spent more than you originally planned.

Peace of mind

A professional landscape design company can tailor your project to your lifestyle and needs. They can create play areas for children and pet-safe landscape for your furry friends. Landscape professionals are well-versed in a variety of trees and plants and can help choose a safe assortment for you and your pets. Leaving the hard work up to a professional minimizes your stress and allows you to fully relax in your space without worry.

Reduced risk for injury

Yard work can be dangerous. It’s labor intensive which can be hard on your back, shoulders, and knees. You could also be exposing yourself to pesticides, animal waste, or toxic chemicals. Many tools and pieces of machinery can be difficult to operate if you’re unfamiliar with them. Of course, that Northern Colorado sun is intense and poses issues for sunburn or heatstroke. A professional is trained and knowledgeable about all of these chemicals, tools, and their body is used to the labor.


You might envision a retaining wall with a waterfall cascading down, collecting into a stream and leading into a koi pond. How about a bridge crossing the stream into a garden full of your favorite flowers?  This all sounds wonderful, but how do you go about executing it? Luckily, you can work with a professional to draft the perfect design layout! Also, they can help you choose the right types of trees and plants that will look and grow best in your environment.

One stop shopping

A huge benefit of hiring a professional is that they can do it all! They will meet with you for an initial consultation, design your landscape, as well as provide a detailed estimate.  When it comes time for the installation, they have the appropriate knowledge, tools and equipment needed to implement the design. They also will have access to sub-contractors, and a well-trained crew that can handle every aspect of your project.

Continuous maintenance

If you love to travel during the summer, it can be hard to stay on top of a consistent lawn care schedule. Hiring a professional to come in once a week and make sure your yard is in shape is one less thing you need to worry about while on vacation.

Of course, having a professional working on your yard means you’re not! It’s your time to sit back and relax. Enjoy a glass of lemonade and watch as your landscape is transformed into a beautiful work of art.

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