My Lawn is Dead … Now What?

The sun is shining in these blue skies of northern Colorado … but your grass isn’t looking very green yet. As you look at your neighbor’s thick, dark green grass, you start to wonder if there’s an issue other than a lack of watering. What could it be, and how do you make it look less dead?


Turf Mites: Turf mites are very prominent in Colorado, especially in dry areas. Since we had such a dry winter this year, the turf mites have been thriving! Lawns that didn’t get enough water are probably suffering the most.

Damage: If your lawn isn’t looking as green as it should, your lawn mower may be to blame! A dull mower blade will tear the grass which causes damage over time. ‘Scalping’, or cutting your grass too short, can also hurt your lawn.

Animals: Your puppy’s bathroom breaks can take a toll on your lawn, usually resulting in yellow spots with a bright green circle around it.

Asochyta Leaf Blight: This disease can affect your lawn extremely quickly, turning it from luscious and green to dead and yellow. It occurs when cool, rainy days rapidly switch to hot and sunny (a common occurrence in Colorado).


Turf Mites: Most damage has probably been done already, but it doesn’t hurt to water the lawn to kill any lingering mites. If the areas are dead, they will need to be replaced.

Damage: Raise your mower height to about three inches and sharpen the blades.

Animals: Dilute the area with water to minimize the effects of nitrogen in the urine. You can also train your dog to do his business in a designated area of your yard to avoid having random yellow spots all over.

Asochyta Leaf Blight: Leaf blight is instigated by wet conditions, so avoid overwatering. Reduce how often you mow the lawn and raise the height to 3 or 3 ½ inches. Your lawn should be able to recover in just a few weeks.

While there are a few more bugs and diseases out there who are intent on killing your lawn, these issues above seem to be the most common. But don’t fret, Alpine Gardens can help you replace and maintain your lawn. Call us today at 970.226.2296 and we can help you design a new landscape!