July is Smart Irrigation Month in Colorado

Routine maintenance of your irrigation system is a smart way to make sure your plants aren’t being overwatered and to help you save money. Here is some information on proper use of sprinkler heads so you aren’t wasting time and Colorado’s #1 resource.

The main reason your sprinkler system may not be working effectively is because of the water pressure. Your sprinkler system may be operating under high water pressure causing you to waste valuable resources and money. Not only will your pockets suffer but your plants may not be receiving adequate water supply to grow. That is why a landscape professional can assist you to make sure your sprinkler heads are regulating pressure correctly.

A few ways to notice if your sprinkler head is operating under too much pressure is if it is misting or fogging in the area. These sprinkler heads are not being effective since most of the water is evaporating and not able to penetrate the roots of your landscape. Also, if the sprinkler heads aren’t set to water in the correct direction, you could also be overwatering one area of your landscape more than the other.

Another way to notice if your sprinkler head is under too much pressure is from the sound. If it is making a loud hissing sound, then you will want your professional landscaper to look at the issue to get it working properly. Running a sprinkler system with too much pressure will cause more water to be used in the process and the cost of your water bill to rise.

Pressure reducing sprinkler heads do not cost more upfront and are the smart option for watering your plants. Introducing smart irrigation to your landscape will not only save you money but it will help you to grow a happy and healthy landscape.

Alpine Gardens Landscaping professionals can assist in installing and making sure your irrigation is set up to work efficiently and effectively. We can provide routine maintenance and information to help keep your landscape in check.