Landscape Mistakes to Avoid

There are many factors to consider when designing and caring for your landscape. The types of greenery we choose, layout, and design all play a part to create a theme for our landscape. Listed below, are five common mistakes homeowners often make when landscaping on their own.

Overgrown shrubs and trees

An overgrown yard is an unattractive yard. Not only is it an eye sore but it will create more work to be done to get it back into shape. Routine maintenance is worth it to keep your landscape healthy and looking sharp.

Mismatched planting

Always be aware of the type of trees and plants that are being planted next to each other. Growing conditions will vary between species such as the amount of sunlight needed, soil moisture, and fertility.

Cutting grass too short

Cutting or scalping your landscape too short can result in a bare patch that attracts insects or is susceptible to disease. Also, the length of your lawn should vary at different times of the year. In the summer, your grass needs more shade, so the blades should be longer. In the winter, they should be shorter for sunlight to be able to penetrate the soil.

Smaller areas and variety of landscape

You want your landscape to have an overall design and layout that flows with your space. Some homeowners make the mistake of planting a variety of plants, trees, or laying down hardscape in smaller areas with no cohesive idea.

Too small of beds

Many homeowners plant flower beds that end up being too small. This causes overgrown plants to spill out of the sides and take over the bed. Since some plants will grow faster than others be sure to cater your beds to the size of a mature plant instead of your plants to the size of the bed.

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