Winter Watering 101

We always stress to our clients how important it is to water your landscape throughout the winter!  You may assume that because many plants and trees go dormant during the colder months that they do not require water, but that is actually not true. Our climate is so dry that it is important to water your yard all year long. However, it is true that watering requirements for the hot summer months are drastically different than the cold winter ones. Read on for our advice on how to properly water everything growing in your yard.


Especially if your trees have been freshly planted this year, and for the first three years, it is important to continue to water them throughout the winter. Only water if the temperature is above 40 degrees, and make sure to do it early enough in the day so the tree can absorb it before the nighttime cold sets in. Trees usually need to be watered 1-2 times per month. Apply the water slowly and deeply.


You can water your lawn during the winter to prevent root damage and ensure your lawn comes back fresh and strong in the spring! Just like trees, don’t water unless the temperature is above 40 degrees. Lawns that face the south and west directions or are on a severe slope are at the highest risk for winter injury, as well as lawns that were freshly planted this year. Do not allow ice to form on your lawn – if this happens, stop winter watering. Do not water if there is snow on the ground; your lawn needs water about once a month during periods with no snowfall.


If we are not receiving much snow, your plants need water too! Just because they are dormant doesn’t mean they aren’t still performing basic metabolic functions. Follow the same rules of thumb with shrubs and plants as you do with your trees and lawn – only water if it’s above 40 degrees, and water slowly and deeply.


Even your indoor plants have different watering needs in the winter than the summer! Your houseplants will receive less light from outdoors, slowing photosynthesis. Make sure to research your specific plants’ watering needs for this time of year.

If you have questions about how to properly water your landscape this winter, our friendly staff would be more than happy to help! Give us a call at 970-226-2296.