Fall Landscaping Tips

There’s a crispness in the air and the leaves are slowly falling to the ground. As the greenery in your yard starts to tuck away for hibernation, it is time to start cleaning up! Follow these tips for important things to remember when preparing your landscape for the fall and winter seasons.

Pick up Fallen Leaves

At this time of year, the ground is covered by beautiful purple, yellow, orange, and red leaves. They may look pretty and add a certain crunch when you walk, but you want to make sure to get them cleaned up! Leaving dead leaves on your landscape can suffocate your grass and stop airflow. It can also start to create mold or a fungal infection in your yard.

Plan for Spring

Now is the time to be planting spring bulbs. Planting them in fall will give them time to establish their roots and get used to the cool soil temperatures before winter hits. Plant now and you will have beautiful, blooming flowers when spring comes around

Cut Back Dead Limbs on Trees

Pruning is best left to be done after winter hits and spring is on its way. However, you may want to work on tidying up some trees and bushes before the cold weather hits. In the fall, it is okay to cut back dead limbs on trees. Winter snowfall can weigh heavy on dead branches, so it is smart to cut them back while the weather is still nice.

Winterize Your Equipment

Since wintertime is approaching, it is time to pack away your gardening tools and lawn equipment for next year. You will want to clean your shovels and shears by removing dirt and keep them in a dry place to avoid rust or damage. Remove fuel from gas-powered equipment such as lawn mowers or blowers to keep the engine clean and everything in working order for the spring season.

Wrap New Trees

Wrap newly planted trees with white commercial tree wrap or plastic tree guards to protect the bark from sunscald. The intense warmth of the sun on young trees can trigger cell activity in the bark but once the cold temperatures hit at night, this can cause damage to the tree. Make sure to wrap your trees securely and protect them until spring arrives.

Lawn Maintenance

Early fall fertilizing for your lawn will help rebuild grassroots that were damaged during the hot, dry summer. Fertilizing your lawn now will help it recover over the cold, harsh winter. Crush fallen leaves with your law mower and add them to flower beds and other areas to create insulation for your plants. Make sure to continue to mow your lawn but cut 1-2 inches shorter to prepare it for hibernation. Pulling weeds now will help you to stay on top if it and make your spring planting easier. In addition, aerating and seeding your lawn now will help your grass get access to fertilizer and nutrients so the roots will grow deeper and heal over the winter.

If you have any questions about lawn care for fall, give our team at Alpine Gardens a call at 970.226.2296.