Preparing Perennials to be Super Performers

As we slip into March, we can start to believe that spring might make an appearance soon.  The first step in getting our perennials ready is to cut them all back so that the dead parts of the plant are removed.  You should be starting to see new green growth coming from the base of many of the plants.  By definition the tops of perennials do not survive the winter and need to be removed so that we do not see the dead stems in the middle of our fresh new growth.  Next, we need to identify plants that need to be divided.  Many perennials need to have their groupings dug up and replanted in smaller groups so that they stay vigorous and have room to continue to thrive and grow.  After you are satisfied that no more plants should be divided, a dose of a granular fertilizer will help these plants to have food to produce great flowers and top growth.  With these simple steps, most of your perennial plants should be ready for a super show this summer.