Ornamental Grasses Provide Beauty and Movement in Colorado Landscapes

Ornamental grasses are low-maintenance, low-water, easy to grow plants to add to your landscape. They do well in our dry climate and look fantastic throughout the changing seasons.

Many times ornamental grasses can be used in the background to add height to your landscape. They provide movement and also have pollen and seeds for wildlife.

You can incorporate grasses throughout beds, among perennials, or as a barrier to add privacy from your neighbors. They work well as a border plant and can be used in combination with three to five plants.

There is still time to get them into the ground before the end of September to help them get established before winter sets in. Or come on in and let one of our professionals help you make a plan to incorporate this element into your landscape for next season. Once the ornamental grass is established it will be a constant over of the years.