Inside the Mind of a Landscape Designer

As summer is drawing to an end, most of us are trying to spend as much time as possible outdoors. If you have a landscape project that you have been putting off, there is still time. Or maybe you can begin dreaming and planning for next season.

Here are some tips to help you start thinking creatively in your outdoor space:

  • Height Matters – If you vary the heights among plants and shrubs, this will add interest.  For example an evergreen, surrounded with some low-growing perennials will do the trick. Add some boulders for a natural, mountain feel.
  • Destination – Creating intention in your landscape goes a long way. For example, a winding path to a water feature or pond will make your guests want to explore. Or a winding flagstone walkway or steppers to the garden is especially inviting.
  • Ground Cover – There will always be some form of functionality to your outdoor space. A cement sidewalk or driveway is a necessity. But you can add flowering or quickly-spreading ground cover to blend these spaces in with the surrounding landscape.
  • Focal Point – Creating a dramatic focal point helps define your outdoor oasis. Pergolas, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, and decorative retaining walls, all are perfect for creating that wow factor.
  • Problem solving- Bad views, areas of poor drainage, or a noisy highway?  Many times a landscape feature helps to soften or solve one of these problems.
  • Curves Soften Edges – Adding in round planting beds and curving walkways will help offset harsh angles.
  • Traffic flow- A good landscape considers how one will move around in it. Paths and plantings are placed to facilitate how the landscape will be used by people.
  • Lighting – Up-lighting a unique feature in your yard helps to showcase it, day and night. Outdoor lighting along a path or in your backyard also helps add an element of security to your property.  Many of us work during the day and the lighting extends the time we can enjoy our landscape.

Like any of these ideas? Let’s make a plan. Contact us today to set up a consultation.