It’s Time to Make a Plan

Everywhere you go in Northern Colorado, people are talking about how the snow and cold temperatures are sticking around for longer than usual. We are all craving longer days and counting down the minutes to springtime.

Now is the perfect time to start planning your outdoor living space. Here are some fun thoughts to help get you through the long winter months:

  • Take a survey of your yard. What is your space currently used for? What would you love it to be used for – a rose garden, vegetable garden, lounging/reading area, fire pit, outdoor kitchen space, or maybe a fun new play area for the kiddos?
  • Landscaping features add to resale value. Our market is booming and a beautiful landscape is icing on the cake. Features that increase the value in your home are lighting which adds visual interest, as well as security. Irrigation and drip systems are a must-have for easy upkeep and maintenance. You may want to consider a paver or flagstone patio with sitting walls, or adding a pergola that provides increased shade, as well as an excellent apparatus for vines and climbing plants.
  • This may not a drought year, but rest assured we will eventually have one.  New landscape ideas such as hydro-zone planting is a smart move. Planting plants with like water needs together and improved irrigation technology can save significant amounts of water and yet keep you property looking great even during times of drought.
  • Landscape lighting can extend the time you are able to enjoy your yard and maximize your landscape investment by softly lighting specific areas that you can use in the evening.
  • Curb appeal can take your home to the next level. Think about what visitors and neighbors see from the street. This doesn’t have to be major renovation to make a huge impact. For example, adding planters and pots strategically around the front of your home automatically makes your space more inviting. A water feature can add visual and audio interest. Also, when considering curb appeal, symmetry is also an important element. Shrubs, evergreens, walkways, or possibly a porch swing or bench all work together to make your house a home.

Hopefully, some of these ideas have started the wheels turning. Give us a call and one of our designers can take your ideas and transform them into something you never dreamed possible.
With all of the new building happenning in the area, crews will book up early so get a jump on the season.