Is Your Landscape Ready for Winter?

This cold snap is a harsh reminder that winter is right around the corner. Here are some helpful tips and reminders to preserve your landscape through the winter months:

  • If you haven’t already, add mulch to the base of plants. Make sure you choose shredded wood because it helps keep the plant base less soggy. Plants that need added protection include pansies, roses, penstemon, and grapes.
  • Most ornamental grasses are hardy and can be left as-is. They add some texture and interest to the landscape. But grasses that are not native to our climate need added protection with mulch.
  • In our sunny Colorado climate, remember south and west sections in your landscape are exposed to intense winter sun. Therefore, they will melt and warm up first. In those areas, soil can dry out quickly. So keep your eye on the soil conditions and don’t be afraid to hand water. Controlling the moisture levels through the winter months helps ward off pesky pests and insects that can be damaging come spring.
  • Don’t forget the trees! Yes, snow is a good source of moisture. But be conscious of dry stretches without precipitation. Trees are the one of the most expensive components in your landscape, so a little love and care will help them last for many years to come.
  • Protect evergreens that are exposed to winter sun with an anti-desiccant product that will help keep them from burning.  Most of these products have to be applied more than once in the winter.

At Alpine Gardens, we are available year-round to help with your landscape needs.   Winter is the best time to plan your next landscape project. Pergolas, patios, irrigation systems, and outdoor kitchens – we can do it all. Set up a consultation now to get a jump start on your spring outdoor improvements.