It’s Hot & Getting Hotter!

Can you believe this heat? If you have new young plants they may be under a lot of stress this month. As they try to get established, make sure you pay close attention to water this time of year.  Your pots will need to be watered daily, sometimes even twice a day.  Your lawn may need additional water too. So you need to know and understand your sprinkler controller. Newer models are very efficient and can add additional water by adding percentages to the time rather than re-programming all the times.  Please consult your manual.

Fertilize your lawn early in the month, using a slow release lawn fertilizer (Jirdon’s Slow Release Lawn Fertilizer).

Dead head your roses, cutting off the finished blossoms, just above a new set of leaves.  Dead head early blooming perennials and annuals, because most will re-bloom in a few weeks. Continue feeding your roses and annuals.