Hoping to Water Less?

Can you believe that summer is almost over!  Before you get too busy with the back to school madness, don’t forget about your landscape.  Start thinking about saving money by saving water.  The summers are hot and dry and your landscape requires a lot of water to keep it looking good.  But don’t worry, cooler days are on the horizon.

This gives you an opportunity to start saving money by watering more efficiently.  Make some time to watch your irrigation system run and check every head.  Make sure they are adjusted and positioned correctly, as well as popping up to the correct height.  Make sure the nozzles aren’t clogged which could affect the spray pattern.  As the days get shorter and cooler, your landscape will require a little less water.  Check you irrigation controller manual to see if you have a water budget setting that allows you to modify the watering duration by a percentage.  Start slowly scaling back the watering times by 10% and then 20%, and so on as you progress into the fall.  You’d be amazed how much less water your lawn will require once the 90 degree days are in the rear view mirror!