First Flowers of Spring in Northern Colorado

Even though we had a recent burst of winter, soon enough it will lose it’s grip on our landscapes. The subtle signals of the wonders to come are first given to us by a few wonderful plants that many of us miss because we are not yet working in our gardens.

One of the earliest perennials to bloom in Colorado are the Lenten Rose or the Heleborus.  These shade loving perennials bloom during the celebration of lent and continue as a ground cover.  They enjoy evenly moist, highly organic soil and come in many colors.

Another wonder early bloomer in Colorado is a native plant called Pasque flower or May Day flower.  This plant requires well drained soil and is native to our foothills in Colorado.  It creates a fuzzy seed head and can spread rapidly if it finds a spot that fits it’s needs.  Although beautiful, it is toxic when applied to the skin or taken internally so care should be taken with where it is planted.