Winter Landscape Preparation

Before winter is among us on the Front Range, here is a list of items that can help prepare your landscape for the harsh weather conditions. With these steps, Alpine Gardens can help make sure your entire landscape is ready to thrive by the time spring arrives.

Apply Mulch

A layer of mulch is important to your trees and shrubs with winter coming. It is a way to help reduce weeds, retain moisture and protect your plant’s root system over winter. By adding mulch to your flower beds now, your adding a layer of insulation to help with the fluctuation in temperatures of our Colorado weather. Be sure to have your landscape professional mulch your Hybrid Tea Roses and any tender perennials to give them added protection from the winter cold.

Prepare Your Trees before the Freeze

All deciduous trees should be wrapped from the soil surface to the first branch each fall (approximately around November 1). Paper tree wrap is recommended for its superiority in controlling the trunk temperature. When wrapping the tree, it is important to secure the tree wrap with masking tape or stretch-tie. Do not use electrical tape or string. At a minimum, young deciduous trees should be wrapped for the first three to four winters after planting. The length of time or number of winters may depend on the variety of tree. For example, it is very important to wrap Maples and Honeylocust until the canopy shades the trunk which can be 5 to 8 years.

Remove Your Annuals

It is considered good housekeeping to remove your annuals from the beds as these plants often contract diseases that could transfer to the soil if the plants aren’t removed. It will also give your landscape a more well-kept look.

Winterize your Lawn

Winterizer is the most important fertilization of the year. Grass stores nitrogen for the winter and will green up faster in the spring with nutrients applied now.

Sprinkler Blowouts

Now is the best time to have your sprinkler blown out to protect your sprinkler against the freezing temperatures of Colorado winter. Schedule your landscape professional now for your sprinkler system blowout.

Winter Watering Your Trees

Your sprinkler has been blown out, but trees still need water in the winter. Trees are a living organism and have an active root system. They become dormant and don’t require as much water as they do in the summer, but they will still require watering. Colorado’s climate does not always offer the moisture trees need. The best way to know if your tree needs water is to keep track of the rain and snow storms on your calendar. If there has been no measurable precipitation in the previous 2-week period you will need to water your trees.

For more information on preparing your landscape for winter or to schedule your routine maintenance today with Alpine Gardens, give us a call at 970.226.2296