What to do with the lawn this time of year.

Fall is here and you may think it’s time to take a break from caring for your lawn care routine. But there are some simple things you can do now to make sure it is thriving come spring.

  1. Check moisture levels – Our weather has been more like summer than fall as of late. Take a look at the roots of your lawn to see if they have dried out. Use a tool to probe the soil and if you notice it becoming drier, add water. But generally speaking since the days are much shorter, less water is needed to maintain the lawn.
  2. Mowing – This time of year as daylight hours are lessening means your lawn growth will slow down too. So you don’t have to mow as frequently.
  3. Fertilize – Now is the time to apply a final application of fertilizer. Choose one with high levels of nitrogen and potassium. This will ensure a healthy root system. Fertilizer is best applied when the lawn is green and healthy for optimum absorption.
  4. Aerate the lawn – Aeration is an important step so that the soil enables plenty of moisture to penetrate deeply into the root system. Since our winters can be dry. Aerated lawns will allow the moisture to be the most effective.
  5. Weeding will pay off – One more round of weed control now will help keep them at bay when spring rolls around again.
  6. Winterize your sprinkler system – Be sure to water everything deeply just before winterizing your system. Your plants have to survive for the next six months on the water in the soil. Then prepare your irrigation system before the first freeze. Don’t skip this important step or you may be dealing with broken pipes and components after things thaw.

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