Tips to Your Best Lawn

Spring showers (or snowstorms for us Coloradoans) mean your lawn will be greening up before you know it. Good timing, because April is actually National Lawn Care month. So we wanted to share some tips so you can have the best lawn on the block.

Although, you instinctually want to re-seed those bare spots, spring really isn’t the best time. This is because aggressive weeds pop up and will directly compete with the grass. With summer right around the corner, the new seed doesn’t stand much of a chance in the extreme heat either. So mark your calendar and remember to sow seed in the fall when the weeds are already dormant.

Aerate your lawn to open up new areas for the roots of the grass. This practice enables your lawn to fully utilize these new spaces for much-needed oxygen, water, and nutrient absorption. It’s also time to start thinking about a fertilizer. But hold off on fertilizer application until early May. This will make sure to give the roots time to develop.

With warmer temperatures, it’s going to be time to power up that lawn mower before you know it. Many homeowners think they need to bag up the grass clippings to protect their lawn. Industry studies indicate that grass clippings actually decompose very quickly. You may want to consider a mulching mower for this step. Also, it is important not to go too short when you mow. Keep the length at about three inches. This will help provide vital shade for the grass and help it in retaining moisture.

Soon enough, you will be able to host that first backyard barbeque and feel the grass between your toes. Happy Spring!