So What Exactly Is a Fall Clean-Up?

Around this time of year, you will start seeing a lot of fall clean-up offers (ours included!) but what exactly does this mean? Each property is different and therefore each fall cleanup is different! Here are a few aspects of a fall clean up:

Bed Area Prep

During a fall clean up, our experts will make sure that all bed areas are cleared of dead leaves and debris. If these areas are not prepped before winter hits, it can cause major damage to your spring growth.

Lawn Prep

Lawns need to be prepped for winter as well. Our team will go through each lawn area and mow to a height of 2.5-3 inches. In addition, all concrete walkways that are adjoined to the lawn areas will be mechanically edged.

Perennials & Annuals

All perennials and annuals need to be dead headed and cut back to the appropriate measurements. In some cases, they may need to be removed completely.


If requested, our crews can trim back shrubs and prune trees if necessary. We try to keep an hourly limit in mind during all of our visits to ensure that you receive the best value!

We are confident in our abilities to survey your landscape and give it the proper attention that it needs. Call 970.226.2296 today to discuss your specific needs for a fall clean-up and we will add you to our schedule!