Residence Spotlight: Peterson

We love creative projects and the Peterson’s landscape certainly fell into that category. For this particular project, we handled the hardscape as well as the water feature and custom art piece. After grading the soil to the proper level, we laid the flagstones down in layers. Starting with the stairs, which act as a retaining wall to prevent any soil creep from the area above, we used consistent stone that created an easy flow throughout the entirety of the walkway.

After we finished the game plan for the walkway, it was time to tackle the water feature. For this feature, we wanted to create a natural looking waterway that resembled a mountain stream. To help us complete this goal, we brought in stone that matched this vision. The cascade that appears right past the custom art piece helps bring the visual focal point to the fox. The water then continues to a catch basin that is then pumped back to the top, creating a flow similar to that of a natural waterway.

One of the goals of this project was to bring a mountain feeling to the Peterson’s backyard. From the selection of the stone in each piece to the design of the water feature, we always kept this vision in mind in order to bring the best product to the table that we could. Whether it’s a mountain feel and a fox you want or a desert feel and a camel, our team of experts is ready to bring the landscape of your dreams to life.