Pet-Proof Your Yard

Colorado people are notorious for having dogs, and sometimes even outdoor cats. But it can be hard to create the perfect backyard for entertaining and looking at great views while also keeping your pet’s health in mind, which is why we’ve come up with some pointers on how to pet-proof your yard!

Create an enclosure to keep your pet in your yard. For dogs, this can mean fencing your yard, or a dog run and for cats, this can mean building a ‘catio’. Creating an area where your animal can be left unsupervised outside benefits both you and your animal. You won’t have to walk your dog or watch them carefully in the yard, and because of this, they can be let out more often, which will lead to less accidents in the house. For cats, a catio allows your cat to be outside, while still being caged. This can lead to less excessive meowing and whining to be let out. If you’re thinking of adding one of these pet elements to your landscape, let Alpine Gardens help you design and build the dog run or catio to perfectly match your outdoor aesthetic.

Get rid of any poisonous plants. Poisonous plants look different for each animal, but some common plants that you should get rid of before allowing your pet to run free are lilies, tulips, English Ivy, oleander, and daffodils. For a complete list, visit the ASPCA’s website and always ask our staff at Alpine Gardens before planting a new plant where your furry friend can reach.

Add a water element. People always think that water elements looks fabulous in other people’s yards, but never know how to add it to their own. Well, here is your excuse: water elements can be great to keep your pet hydrated and cool, whether it is a pond or a fountain, both provide great functionality for pets. However, be sure that your pond is shallow enough that your animal can safely be in the water.

Keep your lawn and bushes trimmed. While this shouldn’t necessarily be a massive change in your yard, keeping your grass and bushes trimmed will aid in keeping fleas and ticks away from your pets. Ticks like to hide in taller grasses, so keeping them short will help keep your furry friends safe.

Add in shade. The Colorado sun can be hot, so make sure there is ample shade in your yard for your pet to cool off under. We might suggest a shade tree or even a small shade sail if you have room to attach one.

While this isn’t a comprehensive list by any means, these are some good things to keep in mind when redoing your backyard or when adopting a new pet. If you need more tips on how to pet-proof your landscape, give us a call at 970-226-2296. Our qualified landscape design staff would be happy to give you advice or help you design a new landscape of you (and your pet’s) dreams!