Outdoor Living: Outdoor Kitchens

One of the most common additions that our clients love to build into their outdoor living space is an outdoor kitchen. However, a lot of thought goes into the development of an outdoor kitchen. There are many different aspects and features that can be included or excluded, depending on your needs and wants.

Are you big on grilling? Hosting large parties? Smaller get-togethers? Do you love homecooked pizza? The answers to these questions can help you determine what types of features should be included within your outdoor kitchen. Consider the proximity to your home – having the outdoor kitchen closer to the actual house will make it easier to use when bringing food and dishes back and forth.

Different cooking features are nearly limitless – consider what type of grill you’d like, gas or electric. Will you need a refrigerator or an ice maker? How large of a space will you need to prepare food and drinks? The kitchen is outside and will likely be used into the evening hours. Consider including heaters, special lighting, or even speakers.

When choosing the design for your outdoor kitchen, our designers can help you determine a look and feel that will complement your home and your personal style. From rustic to modern, Alpine Gardens can help you create a design a space you will absolutely love.  Browse images of past outdoor kitchens that we have completed on our gallery page.

Outdoor kitchens, like any other aspect of your custom landscape, are not without maintenance requirements. Luckily, maintenance is minimal. To keep your outdoor kitchen in pristine condition, we recommend deep cleaning behind appliances once a year. Countertops, if stone or tile, will need to be resealed to prevent staining. Different materials will require different amounts of maintenance. Ask your designers about the maintenance requirements for your particular design.

An outdoor living project does take time to bring to fruition, so start planning early! Planning, design, collecting appropriate permits, and actual construction of the project takes months. If you wish to enjoy your outdoor kitchen this year, begin now. Give Alpine Gardens a call at 970-226-2296 to speak with a designer today and start the process of creating your outdoor kitchen.