Outdoor Living: All About Patios

Next up in our Outdoor Living series: patios! Patios are often the heart of many outdoor living projects – whether you are installing pergolas, outdoor kitchens, or firepits, you often need the patio in place first. While you are planning and gathering ideas for your own patio project, there are a few different things to consider.

Patios have a lot of benefits!

Besides being a great place to relax or entertain guests, patios bring a lot of value to your home. Property values increase with the installation of a patio and outdoor living space. Some homeowners see an ROI of 100% by installing a patio!

Think about your patio’s purposes.

Not everyone utilizes patios in the same way. Some of our clients love to host large parties and gatherings, meaning their patios need to offer a lot of space for seating and oftentimes an outdoor kitchen, or at least easy access to the kitchen inside. Clients that are mainly looking to install a patio for personal use may not need as much space or an outdoor kitchen. For them, room for a few chairs and firepit may be enough. Talk with your Alpine Gardens landscape designer about how you plan to use your patio so that they can offer ideas and insight into what aspects may need to be included in the design.

Choosing materials.

Designing a patio that will match your home’s aesthetic and fit your style and budget is something that our team at Alpine Gardens are pros at doing. A patio can be built out of several materials, including concrete, brick, flagstone, patio pavers, or tile. A concrete patio can be painted, stamped, tinted, and decorated to add more aesthetic appeal. A lot of our clients also like the look of flagstone. Browse our patio gallery for more ideas!

Do you need lighting?

If you have plans to enjoy your patio after the sun sets, chances are you will want some form of lighting installed. Lighting can transform a landscape and patio at night, highlighting prominent features such as waterfalls, trees, and walkways. Make sure your patio is safe and well-lit to fully enjoy it during warm Colorado evenings. Additionally, you may need utility lines ran underneath the patio for electrical outlets or gas lines. Even if you are not installing an outdoor kitchen at the same time as your patio, think ahead about what you may want to add in the future.

Embarking on a big home improvement project, such as installing a patio, requires a lot of thought and preparation! Hopefully, considering the above factors will help you get started, but our designers at Alpine Gardens will walk you through the process and help you to choose the best options for you and your home! Give our designers a call today at 970-226-2296 to get started.