Lawn Care & Planting Bare Root

Get That Lawn Back Into Shape! Winter’s finally over and your lawn may need some help.  The winter may have caused all sorts of problems, brown spots, dead patches, poor color. Now’s the time to examine your lawn. This is the only month to get a pre-emergent on. A pre-emergent weed control plus fertilizer will stop those pesky weeds from germinating, especially crabgrass, foxtail, and any grassy weed. April’s a great month to sow grass seed. Whether it’s a brand new lawn or filling in bare spots. Decide how your lawn will be used, for play, pets, just for looks, or just covering the ground. Grass seed blends are better for that beautiful manicured lawn rather than mixes, which are good for more low maintenance and durability. Ask our experts which grass is best for your situation.

April’s the only month to plant bare root plants. These trees and shrubs come to us without any soil around the roots, great cost savings, and a great way to plant a lot of plants for a fraction of the costs. Prepare the area before hand, amend the soil with a good quality compost. Plant within one day of purchasing your bare root plant because those roots can dry out very quickly.

Your plant hole should be wide enough to spread the roots out, but watch the depth of the hole. Water settle and stake any trees to keep from swaying too much in the wind. Be patient and you’ll be rewarded with fast growth and wonderful color.