Keep Your Furry Friends Cool in the Late Summer Heat

August is upon us and the summer heat is still at a high. While you’re at work, you may leave your pup in your backyard to roam freely for the day. However, with the heat of the blazing sun, you want to make sure your dog is kept cool and comfortable. Here are a few backyard tips to consider helping shield your best friend from the “dog days of summer”.

1. Lots of shade

Creating shade for your pet in your backyard is a must. You can leave space under a deck to shield them from the heat and weather that may unexpectedly arise. Building a dog house or setting up a shade sail over a patio can help keep the sun off their back.

2. Cooling System

Installing a water feature can give your pet cool water to drink when the days get hot. Fans or misters can be added to your patio to cool down the area or you can create a small wading area for your pet to dip their toes in. All are good options to keep your pet happy and healthy. If a fountain is not an option, make sure to provide your dog with fresh water if they are staying outside.

3. Comfortable deck

Dark wood decks can attract sunlight and make the area uncomfortable for dogs to lay. An option is to consider building your deck out of recycled materials or a lighter color material.

In addition, if decks aren’t regularly maintained, they may create splinters that can harm your pet. Be sure to do your research or ask your landscape professional for safe deck material options.

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