Do you know how to save water in your landscape?

“It’s getting warmer across Colorado, and our plants will need more water. But just because the drought is over on the Front Range—for now—doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still try to conserve water. The Western Slope, which provides much of our water supply, is still in drought. And our own next drought could be just around the corner. We should give the plants the water they need but not waste a drop.

One way to save water and dress up the landscape in the process is to top-dress bed areas with mulch. Using mulch around trees and shrubs will help improve the health of your soil. We do recommend that your mulch is replaced/fluffed about every year. New mulch will not only help to will ward off weeds but also helps to protect the trees and shrubs from damage that can be caused by mowing or trimming too closely.

“Mulches recycled from local pruning debris can be put back into the landscape as a healthy amendment. Locally sourced mulch is a sustainable option, supporting the local economy and lessening the carbon footprint. Because it is derived from organic material, it settles onto the soil and does not blow away like mulch that has been recycled from treated wood products such as pallets. It must, however, first be watered in so that it settles.”

At Alpine Gardens, our professionals know when to replace your mulch and just how much mulch your yard needs. We would love to help you spruce up your yard, keep it weed-free, and conserve water! Give us a call or schedule a consult on our website today to see what we can do for you.

Source: 2021 Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado