Giving Your Outdoor Area a Room Feel

Transforming your outdoor area into an “outdoor room” can give your home a brand new feel. Continuing your living space into the outdoors doesn’t need to be a wish list item – it is right within reach. Here is how you can work towards this goal:

Add a Structure

Adding a structure such as a pergola or covered deck can provide a plethora of benefits to your patio. These structures not only provide shade, but they also establish boundaries and “walls” to outdoor areas. There are countless options for how to implement one of these structures. Adding outdoor curtains can also provide an option of privacy when you would rather be closed off. Our team of experts can design a perfect structure for your unique area.

Outdoor Lighting

You will want to outfit your outdoor area with appropriate lighting. Lighting can come in many forms in landscape design. From small bulb pieces to spotlights, it is important to properly equip your outdoor room with lighting. Alpine Gardens will survey your outdoor area and our design plans in order to install the absolute best lighting option for your property.

Consider a Fire Pit

A fire pit is the perfect communal piece for an outdoor room. It helps centralize the layout of your outdoor area while providing warmth during those colder nights on the patio.

Outdoor Bar

Nothing brings together an outdoor area quite like a bar. Building a custom bar in your outdoor area opens the door to countless entertainment opportunities.


No outdoor room is complete without a sound system. From subtle small speakers to an entire outdoor sound system, Alpine can help choose and install the ideal option for your area.

Your dream outdoor area should not be a dream. Call Alpine Gardens today for a complete consultation and let’s get started!