Get Planting!

Now is the time to plant, trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals. The nurseries are fully stocked, the temperatures are perfect, let’s get out and plant.
You have to consider a couple of things before you purchase that plant. Where are you planting; sun, shade, a wet area, or a dry area?  What are you looking for from your plant; shade, screening, wind break, color, focal point? How big can it get, and how much maintenance do you want to do to keep it there? Then go to the nursery prepared to find at least 3-4 plants that fit every situation.

Soil preparation is another important step you need to take to assure success in whatever you plant. Dig a hole that is twice the width of the root ball (or container), but no deeper then the existing soil line.  Amend the soil using a good soil amendment and water the area to let it settle.  Keep you new plant well watered throughout the season, but don’t over water. You can use a water soluble fertilizer once a week during the growing season.

Be patient and enjoy the beauty your new plants give you.