Four Front Yard Landscaping Ideas for Non-Gardeners

Nowadays, Pinterest boards and home remodeling shows have brought the front yards of homes to attention. Not only does a well-kept front yard shine a light on the architecture of the home, but it also helps increase property value. For those who have minimal time and money to spend, here are a few simple and cost-effective tips to beautify your home’s exterior.

1. Maintain your lawn

There is no denying that a fresh, vibrant, green lawn is the picture-perfect entrance to you home. Creating a lawn care schedule and sticking to it is an easy way to add some color and life to your front yard. Cutting your grass often (blades should be 2.5-3 inches in Colorado), watering, and a lawn care regiment will keep your lawn looking healthy and well-manicured for all to see.

2. Add front porch decorations

Front porch décor is a simple way to add an exuberant touch to the front of your home with minimal effort. Adding a welcome mat or a seasonal wreath to your front door will instantly add charm to your home. For a more inviting look, you can add a bench or unique seating pieces such as a log or barrel. Potted colorful plants, hanging baskets, statues, and well-designed low voltage lighting all can add to your home’s curb appeal. Don’t forget! Something as simple as creating a unique address plate or painting your door will really help your home stand out from the rest.

3. Spice up your walkway

There are many ways to enhance your front walkway to create a grand entrance to your home. Consider adding potted plants/ flowers or unique art to make it stand out. If it is within your budget, decorative materials, like brick, stone or stamped concrete can certainly add character to your path and value to your home.

4. Choose hardy plants

If you are adding greenery to your landscape, consider choosing plants that are native or well suited for your local conditions. In many areas of Colorado, plants such as the Rocky Mountain Columbine, Prairie Coneflower, and Blazing Star (see Fossil Creek Nursery blog on native plants), require less work to maintain since they are indigenous to our climate and soil. As a bonus, these plants are all perennials. Perennials can be planted once and will return year after year, making your gardening job easier.

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