Five Ways to Dogscape for your Furry Friend

In the backyard and in life, dogs are our best friends. We love our dogs, but their habits tend to wreak havoc on landscaping with crushed plants, holes in the dirt and stained grass. For dog owners and backyard enthusiasts alike, Dogscaping is a way both man and dog can live harmoniously in the grass. Whether your dog is a digger or enjoys lying in the shade, Dogscaping is a new trend in landscape design that allows you to create your ideal backyard but with your pup’s behaviors in mind.

Install a Backyard Fence

Keeping your dog and your neighbors safe is a major priority for any owner. To keep your dog safely inside your backyard, you will need to install a fence. You can choose any type of fence that fits with your landscaping, but you will want to be sure to add an extra barrier. Underground chicken wire (for avid diggers) or an electronic dog fence may come in handy to keep your dog from escaping.

Plant Selection

We all know a dog’s nose will lead them to eating all sorts of things. Inevitably, the sweet smell of a flower or plant will catch their attention and they will chomp down without a second thought. Although some plants are pretty, they may be harmful to your furry friend. When selecting plants for your backyard oasis, be sure to keep your dog in mind. There are numerous plants that are safe for your dog but others that can be toxic when consumed. If you are interested in learning more about pet-safe plants, the experts at our sister company, Fossil Creek Nursery, can walk you through the nursery to show you options.

Water Access

Dogs need access to plenty of fresh water to keep them from becoming dehydrated. Especially in Colorado, we want to always make sure our canine companions have a way to quench their thirst. To ensure that your dog has enough water, you should add a water feature to your landscape. Not only will it be an accent piece for your backyard, its constant flow of water will keep you pup’s thirst at bay.

Shady Spot

Another way to protect your dog from overheating and getting too much sun is to create them a shady refuge. You can create shade by planting a large tree or installing a canopy or shade cloth. If your budget allows it, you can upgrade the old wooden doghouse to a built-in stone shelter. This allows for maximum shade and a cooler temperature for your dog to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Less Lawn and More Hardscape

When it comes to dogs and grass, maintaining a healthy lawn can be a hard feat. Dog urine can burn the blades of grass and create unattractive spots in your landscape. To create a stress-free and low-maintenance backyard, you can replace majority of your grass with hardscape. Bricks, concrete, river rocks, or flagstone are all ways to fancy up your backyard and keep your pet from causing damage.

Our designers at Alpine Gardens are dog lovers too. Just let us know that you are interested in creating a pup-friendly landscape and we can look at options that will fit into your project budget!