Dress Up Your Outdoor Living Space for Spring

The weather is warming up and spring is upon us. Whether you are looking to create a relaxing getaway or an entertainment space for your family and friends, here are a few tips to re-fresh your outdoor living area and make your backyard oasis come to life.

Comfy seating

Create the ultimate backyard seating with the use of couches, swings, and sectionals. Strong wicker couches with snug cushions and soft throw pillows will get you ready for full relaxation mode. Add some hanging furniture such as a hammock or giant swing and be prepared to drift off into backyard bliss.

Colorful décor

Bright colored sun shades and outdoor rugs with a fun print can add a playfulness to your outdoor space.  Add whimsical wind chimes and an assortment of colorful plants to really make your backyard pop.

Water feature

If you want a calm and relaxing element to your living space, add a fountain or backyard pond. The sound of running water instantly creates a stress-free environment and the water feature adds a sophisticated touch.


Backyard lighting brings life to your space. For a modern look and to add warmth to your backyard, you can use a string of lights. To create a more rustic feel, candles in mason jars or lanterns will do the trick. Light up globes or stand-alone light fixtures can be used to create a contemporary elegance for a dinner party.

Unique yard pieces

Looking for a way to make your yard stand out? Add some garden art! Statues, artwork or a custom sculpture can enhance your living area. Stepping stones and slate walkways can accentuate your pathways and create a natural landscape for your backyard. If it fits in to your budget, add a pergola for a shaded walkway or wrap it with vines to give it a secret garden feel.

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