Extend the Summer Season a Little Longer with These Backyard Additions

As the sun starts setting a little earlier and we ease into the fall season, it doesn’t mean hanging outside has to end. Here are a handful of ways to enhance your space to savor every moment of backyard hangs.

1. Add an outdoor firepit

An outdoor fire pit can add a focal point to your backyard and is a place for your family and friends to gather around. Roasting smores or chatting around the fire makes for a relaxing evening. Decorate with seating and tables and you have the perfect place to enjoy the cooler nights.

2. Install lighting

As the nights are getting longer and the days shorter, consider installing lighting in your landscape. Installing lighting by a professional will not only enhance the safety of your home but will allow you to enjoy the space comfortably at night. There are many in-ground options that can be used to spotlight certain areas of your landscape, and they can blend in with surrounding rocks and bushes. Lights on sensors or app-controlled lighting make it easier for you to time your lighting or turn it on in an instant.

3. Create a multi-media room… outside

Turn your backyard space into the ultimate entertainment center by installing a television or sound system. Invite friends over to watch their favorite college football team, or enhance a dinner party with background music. By adding entertainment to your backyard space, your partygoers will be sure to bring the fun outside.

4. Make space for cooking

As fall approaches, it is still comfortable at night for some outdoor cooking! Enhance your grill space with granite or natural stone countertops or add a pergola to accentuate the area.

5. Save room for a hot tub

With the temperatures dropping lower at night, consider adding a hot tub for relaxation. Adorn your hot tub with a stone path leading up to it or plant colorful shrubs and flowers around the area to create a natural look to the space.

It is never too early to start planning your new project, reach out to Alpine Gardens today to get started on a design and landscape plan: 970.226.2296.