Winter Watering is Important!

Even though it’s probably not top of mind, winter watering is very important to keep your yard and plants looking their best come spring. This is especially important with the drought we have been experiencing.

In the fall and winter months, from October to March, be sure to water at least once a month. When the temperature is higher than 40 degrees, use your hose to water. If we do not receive measurable snowfall, you can water every two weeks. Leave the water running for approximately 20 minutes for each tree or shrub. And for perennials and your lawn, you can keep the water going for about 25-30 minutes per section. Staying diligent now, will help your yard thrive come spring.

When it comes to watering your trees, remember that their root system spreads out up to three times wider than the height of the tree. Also, keep in mind that the most absorbent portion of the root system typically runs about a foot below the soil. Focus on this critical root zone that lies 12 inches below the ground and run your water slow and deep, using a deep root fork, a soaker hose, or do it by had with a spray nozzle. A good rule of thumb to remember is to water 10 gallons per inch diameter of your tree.