Tips for Winter Watering in Colorado

Winters in Colorado bring cold weather and temperatures well below freezing. With the air being dry and precipitation low, watering is still needed even in winter. Plants and trees should continue to be watered in winter to stay alive and to prevent root damage. To make sure that you are winter watering correctly, here are a few watering tips.

  1. The time for winter watering runs now through April or until the warm weather begins to roll in. Lawns as well as plants should be watered 1-2 times per month throughout this timeframe.
  2. Watering should be done when the air and soil temperatures are above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. It should occur midday when the sun is out and early enough in the day, so the water can seep down into the roots before it freezes.
  3. Areas that get the most sun, facing the South and West directions, need to be watered more frequently to help from drying out.
  4. New plants, trees, and shrubs that have recently been planted are priority and should be watered first to help with sun or wind damage.
  5. Plants that do not need to be watered in the winter include cacti, succulents, and some varieties of grasses since they are dormant and drive out water.

Don’t let Colorado’s weather fool you. Ten inches of snow are equal to only one inch of rain, so winter watering is important! If you have any questions or concerns regarding winter watering, feel free to give Alpine Gardens a call at 970.226.2296.