Positive Characteristics of Kentucky Bluegrass

No turfgrass is perfectly suited to every situation where grass might be grown. Each species possesses its own positive and negative characteristics. The environment in which the grass will be grown, the intended use, the desired level of quality, and the level of care (time and money) that will be provided should all be important considerations in selecting the proper turfgrass species for a lawn area. Some positive characteristics of Kentucky bluegrass are:

•Creates a dense, uniform, cushioned playing surface, with attractive dark green color.

•Strong sod-former (because of underground stems, called rhizomes).

•Can recuperate from traffic injury relatively quickly (due to rhizome growth).

•Readily available as sod.

•Excellent heat and cold tolerance.

•Excellent drought resistance (although it does become brown and dormant to survive prolonged drought).

•Soft leaves allow it to be mowed without unsightly shredding seen with other turf species.