Getting Creative with Boulders

Perhaps pulling aesthetic inspiration from the Rocky Mountains themselves, boulders are a beautiful, long lasting, and natural feature that you can incorporate into your Colorado landscape.  Every boulder is different yet creates harmony across a landscape.  Given that it is a product of nature, a boulder’s exact setting cannot be designed. The location and approximate size can be determined ahead of time by the designer, but the landscape artists in the field will decide how it is set based on the chosen boulder’s qualities and characteristics.  Our designers at Alpine Gardens are extremely creative and utilize boulders in a plethora of ways, whether it be to retain soil, as a bench, or in a water feature. Once planned, our talented landscapers make the magic happen with just the right boulder for your particular landscape design.

Soil Retention: Boulders are often used to retain the soil, as erosion is a natural process that will inevitably happen over time. In Colorado, we often build walls out of boulders to retain soil. Another option is to set it intermittently on a hill to hold the soil.

Cleft Boulders: Boulders can be set at any angle or position to give the proper effect. Cleft boulders can be used vertically as steps or placed horizontally to add a unique accent piece to your yard.

Campfires: If you’ve elected to have a firepit in your landscape, boulders of all sizes can be used to make various seating or benches. Combine the boulder with other materials to make yet another unique seating design.

Water Features: The positioning of a boulder in a water feature is key in how the water will flow, spill, and sound. At Alpine Gardens, we take extra care to build water features with just the perfect boulder to create the desired effect.

Boulders are naturally heavy, meaning they require a lot of labor and often heavy equipment to install. This is something to consider when designing your landscape, however, the finished aesthetic appeal is very much worth it. We work with moss rock, Cherokee, brownstone, or river rock boulders to create an original design that looks natural and beautiful. Give us a call and talk to one of our designers about how boulders can become a part of your landscape this year!